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Vehicle Magnets

Branded Car Magnets

Full colour print

Eye catching

Boost brand awareness

Can easily be moved, removed or replaced

Cost effective method of vehicle branding

Vehicle Magnets, also known as car magnets, are the perfect solution to promote your corporate identity. Magnetic branding and signage is one of the most affordable and versatile ways to widen your market reach.

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Car branding allows your car to become a mobile billboard so if you’re looking for marketing ideas vehicle magnets may just be the solution you’ve been looking for! Decals printed onto magnets are inexpensive to produce and can be updated at any time at a minimal cost. From single car advertising to branding your entire corporate fleet let Budget Banners handle your vehicle advertising!

Benefits of using Car Magnets:

  • You can change them any time
  • Can easily be moved to any part of the car or to a new vehicle entirely
  • They are a cost effective method of vehicle branding
  • You can customize car magnets to suit your needs
  • They are cheap to produce and replace
  • High CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions)

The Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) your business will gain through vehicle advertising is phenomenal. Our highly skilled designers are here to listen and cater to your every need, crafting the perfect design for your magnet to suit your company’s corporate branding image.

Alternatively, for those who are not faint of heart, go big and wrap your whole car using our top-quality vehicle wrapping service.

By utilising vehicle magnets, our accredited technicians can transform your car into a mobile billboard. Contact Budget Banners today for professional service and competitive prices.

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