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Branded Chairs

Full colour print

They are versatile and comes in various sizes

Inexpensive way of advertising

Single or double sided

Easy to fold and store

Branded chairs are a great way to promote your products due to their functionality and practicality. They are especially important for outdoor events where there are limited seating arrangements. Seating can possibly take up the most amount of surface area for the venue, so why waste all of this potential advertising space?

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Advantages of Branded Chairs:
  • Dual functionality: It can aid your company in raising brand awareness while at the same time providing adequate seating for your clients.
  • Quality guarantee: They have a robust structure that prevents damages and breakage.
  • Innovation: They differ to traditional branding products and are a great tool for new-age advertising.
  • Longevity: Our prints will not easily fade so you can use this product for years to come.
  • Item of Interest: Unlike other printed advertising (which people sometimes don’t acknowledge), many people will be actively looking for chairs at events and functions so they can have a place to sit down.

At Budget Banners, we are able to print on all type of event fold up chairs (including event standard chairs, camping chairs, directors’ chairs). Our camping chairs have a basic structure of aluminium skeleton that provides an impressive weight to strength ratio. They are portable and light weight, which makes them effortless to transport and setup. Additionally, they are able to carry a substantial amount of weight, thus, suitable for most people to sit on. The actual branding will be printed on the surface of the chairs, made of nylon/polyester. They are able to easily withstand harsh weather condition and are resistant to excessive wear and tear.

For the best quality and cost effective Branded Chairs in Cape Town, visit us at the Budget Banners office or give us a call.

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