Tips on How to use Colour

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Colours evoke emotions and behaviours within people. It is likely the first thing your potential client will see when they look at your bunting or your banner. Therefore, colour can make the difference between a wonderful first impression and your flyer being tossed out of a car window.


Vehicle Branding at Budget Banners

Complete vehicle wrapping begun in Germany when a taxi company discovered that the resale on their taxis after service was low due to scratches and people knowing by the colour of the vehicle that it was used as a taxi therefore deterring people from buying them. This made the selling of their vehicles nearly impossible. […]


History on Wallpaper and Techniques

Essential Wallpaper Techniques Wallpaper is a kind of material used to decorate and cover the interior walls of buildings. Wallpaper can be used from offices to homes, and is a great long term investment as it is durable and long lasting. Wallpaper is generally made in rolls. Wallpaper has been around since before the 1700’s, […]


History on Banners

What have Banners been used for Let’s first start by clearly defining what exactly a banner is. These can easily be described as a flag or cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or some sort of a message. Banners are used to display the message in a different number of situations. The word banner derives […]